Adhesive states

For years now, Vladimir Lalić has been meticulously and diligently documenting and analyzing the mental states of individuals and society. Drawing from his own experiences of coping with the challenges of daily life, as well as the aggressive environment and complex contradictions of contemporary society, Lalić seeks to use artistic expression of his own mental state to reach a broader social being.

In his current series of small and medium-sized works, Lalić undeniably develops his established poetics and interest in the existential suffering of both individuals and society. However, he introduces a significant innovation. Previously, he used digital media to capture moments and create scenes spontaneously and automatically, which he would later shape into finished works through painting and drawing techniques. Now, he achieves this spontaneity by collaging fragments from his own archive of drawings. This extensive collection of sketches, sketches, and finished works is now tailored and assembled by Lalić, placed in settings or hints of spaces or interiors, creating almost baroque groups in the throes of action and agony, or intimate scenes of solitary existence in rest or contemplation.

Miodrag Ninić

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