Installation view - Ink and acrylic on plexiglass

In Vladimir Lalić’s installation “Cognition,” there’s a beautiful, almost poetic, dance of contrasts and perceptions. Imagine standing in front of two distinct elements – one that feels flat and artificial, while the other has the depth and dimensions of real life. There’s this warm, almost comforting part of the installation, which then meets a cooler, more calculated side. It’s like watching two different worlds gently collide. At the heart of “Cognition” is this minimalist window, a geometric shape that doesn’t just sit there but comes alive with a soft, animated blue light. This light doesn’t show off its changes immediately – it’s shy and delicate. You have to spend time with it, watch it carefully, and then you start seeing its gentle pulse, almost like the slow, steady breathing of someone asleep. But the real magic happens with the eyes in the window. It’s as if the installation is looking back at you, making you wonder: Who’s really doing the watching here? It blurs the lines between the observer and the observed, and suddenly, you’re not just someone looking at a piece of art – you’re part of a moment, a conversation without words. “Cognition” is a journey. It’s a space where the organic meets the geometric, where warmth meets coolness, and where we, the viewers, are invited to step in and explore these contrasts. It’s not just something you see; it’s something you experience and feel, making you think about how we interact with art and the world around us. Lalić has created not just an artwork but a living, breathing moment of introspection and wonder.

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