Drawings on Plexiglass

Lalić presents an entirely new series of multimedia picture-objects by fusing print, drawing, and sound effects. Governed with the prevailing idea of divulging what is hidden within us and born out of experimentation with the material, these works epitomize the artist’s idea of the duality or even trinity concealed by the flesh. A plexiglass sheet with a strong drawing is juxtaposed to the printed, tinted background, allowing the small space in between to create shadows, while the two parts are aligned only from one angle. This highly symbolic visual superposition is further emphasized by a sonic background the artist recorded by mixing his own voice with different effects. Such eloquent pieces are therefore given a new, organic quality, an entire concert of cacophonous primitive chant that pulls the observer into the agony exposed by the image. By adding another physical layer to his already stratified work, Lalić makes a bold attempt in compressing the idea of human existence into one painful construct filtered through the prism of his own experience.

Relentless in scrutinizing inner conflicts, false morality, sexual and other repressions, Vladimir Lalić paints a dark allegory of contemporary society. However, these grim sights are not conjured to provoke depression. They are rather non-conformist statements, created to criticize and warn the observer pushing him to face his own weaknesses, to recognize his true self, and to, finally, come out pure in the end.

Ana Bambić Kostov

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