Drawings that I hate

Installation view - Various techniques on torn paper

Presented in an evolving array of compositions, ‘Drawings that the Artist Hates” by Vladimir Lalić traverse a rich tapestry of themes and emotional nuances. Their genesis unfolds in the year 2018, a period that posed a significant existential challenge in Lalić’s life. At a crossroads, he grappled with a profound sense of ambiguity concerning the course of his existence, a tempestuous inner landscape that found eloquent expression through his art – his chosen conduit of self-expression.

In these drawings, one encounters an exploration of solitude, tinged with dark, melancholic reverie. Each piece, perceived by the artist as an abandoned child amid his more prolific and triumphant creations brought into being during more serene and bountiful periods, occupies a poignant space. Lalić’s tribulation with these works took the form of a nomadic odyssey, as he traversed the route from Paris to Belgrade, perpetually unable to anchor them, whether in the physical realm or his artistic portfolio. Frustration ultimately gave birth to an act of calculated deconstruction and reassembly, mirroring the process of reconstructing his own fragmented existence during this tumultuous phase.

By electing to preserve this series, Lalić demonstrates the fortitude inherent in confronting one’s own trepidations, embracing the pitfalls as an intrinsic facet of life’s enigmatic tapestry. Through their exposition, he bestows a newfound significance upon these creations, beckoning the audience to forge a profound connection with the artist on an intensely intimate plane. This ensemble serves as an evocative reminder that not all artistic endeavors are crafted with pride; therein lies the notion that failure and success alike underscore the undeniable humanity woven into the fabric of every artistic pursuit.

Milica Grujić

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