As a starting point, I used my old family photo album, where I found the various segments of personal history, considered important or visually interesting. The images I chosen were digitally dissected and laid on the white paper surface. The results of these collage-like improvisations were interesting forms that served as a guide for further artistic interventions. Selected and collaged photographs were used as conceptual guidelines, through which I recalled specific period of childhood, tending to confront them to some kind of impossible events from the fictional (but sometimes plausible) future. I placed those new visual elements with the initial photo albums motifs, visually confronting them with art history references, with excerpts from medical books and with representations of interior or exterior, existing or created.

Collages from “Re-membrance” series are actually my vision of a potential universe, a parallel course of life that never happen, while my attempt was to create an anxious atmosphere of the counter-world, a reflection of tangible reality, found in search for the bygone emotions, penetrating through emotional jungle of imposed and learned.

Vladimir Lalić, 2015.

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