The Confessional

Ink and acrylic on plexiglass - 11x12m -2020.

“The Confessional,” conceived by Vladimir Lalić, is a poignant exploration of ‘mea culpa’ – my guilt. Merging Lalić’s vocal performance background, this installation showcases five faces on microphone stands, each channeling unique melodies through individual speakers, blending into a harmonious, timeless composition. At its core, a lone bulb illuminates a monolithic structure, open to interpretation as either a grave or a stage, inviting varied perceptions from its audience. This play of light transforms the drawn figures, creating a stark visual contrast. Aptly named “The Confessional,” the installation employs reflective plexiglass, compelling viewers to face their own reflections amidst others, fostering a space of introspection and emotional release. This installation transcends mere visual art, evolving into a venue for spontaneous emotional expression by visitors. It culminates in a planned vocal improvisation by Lalić, marking the exhibit’s conclusion while responding to the evoked emotions and narratives. “The Confessional” thus stands as a complex testament to the themes of guilt, perception, and the depths of the human experience.

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